Shine a Light on Marquette, Michigan

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Shine A Light on Marquette

Shine A Light on Marquette

Marquette, Michigan – NBC Shine a Light on Marquette.   Doctor Guy Lasich’s mission is to reboot the health and wellness of Marquette.

Help Guy by commenting on the NBC Shine a Light Facebook Page and tell them why Marquette, Michigan should be NBC’s choice.

Sample Comment:

Marquette is a role model community for Shine a Light.  We are committed to becoming the happiest, healthiest, and most inspired geographical location on the planet.  We are very excited to have NFL football players, NHL hockey players, and health activists participating.  The whole Marquette community,  from businesses to gyms to health food stores wants to Shine a Light as a beacon to the rest of the nation to show the world what is possible.  Please Pick Marquette, MI.


Feel free to Copy and Paste this example as a comment or use your own words at  NBC’s Facebook Page:


Shine on Marquette Michigan


 Shine on Marquette Michigan
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