Texaco Country Showdown at Ishpeming Festival of Treasures Sponsored by Great Lakes Radio

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ishpeming festival of treasures

Hailey Richer singing on stage

stival of Treasures.  5 performers participated in  today’s showdown.  Concord Through Keys a band from Negaunee kicked off the showdown and did a very nice job.  Four solo acts followed from Casey Beaudry, Hailey Richer, John Rowe, and A.J. Stone.

The contestants were scored 1-10 under each of the following categories: marketability in Country Music, vocal/instrumental ability, originality of performance, stage presence/charisma, and raw talent.  All the performers brought different aspects of these categories, they all did a great job.  The winner was A.J. Stone.

The next showdown is July 5 at the International Food Fest at Lower Harbor in Marquette.  If you or someone else you know have the talent, make sure to sign up and be there.  Great Lakes Radio is sponsoring 4 more showdowns over the next month.  To find out more about the local Country Showdowns check out wfxd.com/texacocountryshowdown.

More pictures can be found at http://broadcast-everywhere.net/blogs/glr-galleries/2012-Texaco-Country-Showdown-Ishpeming-Festival-of-Treasures/

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