Mick’s Bait Shop and MDNR Biologist Brian Roell on Today’s Outdoor Show

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Tune in to Adam Carpenter's Outdoor Show on 103.3 WFXD!

Tune in to Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show on 103.3 WFXD!

It was another wonderful day on Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show, and Adam had a chance to talk about some big issues that are affecting the U.P. and how they might effect you!

Adam first spoke with Mick from Mick’s Bait Shop in Curtis, MI about fishing on the Eastern end of the Upper Peninsula. They discussed the upcoming fishing and weather forecasts, and they talk about how you can catch more fish!

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 1 of Adam and Mick’s talk about fishing in the U.P.

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 2 of Adam and Mick’s discussion

For the second Outdoor Report, Adam talked with Brian Roell, a Michigan DNR Wildlife Biologist. This time, they talked about how local berry harvesting has been progressing, as well as how the berry harvest has been influencing the actions of bears in our area. Brian also gave tips on how you can keep your property safe from nuisance bears.

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 1 of Brian Roell and Adam speak about the berry harvest and how it has been influencing local bears

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 2 of Adam and Brian’s conversation

Finally, on today’s Big Boy Sports Recap, Adam and Big Boy Sports adviser Steve Whelan talked about the Tigers’ latest win and the rest of the MLB. They also discussed NFL news and a whole lot more!

CLICK HERE to listen to the Big Boy Sports Recap

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