For Today’s Outdoor Reports: Trout and Salmon Fishing and Egg Harvests and Hunting Near L’Anse

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Adam Carpenter from the Outdoor Show on WFXD!

Adam Carpenter from the Outdoor Show on WFXD!

Fall has come on in full force, and that’s sure to mean some improving conditions for hunters all throughout the U.P.! We had another great day bringing you the best country and bluegrass music on 103-FXD, and we had the awesome song “Redneck Mother” from Ray Wylie Hubbard for our Outlaw music cut of the day.

I had two great Outdoor Reports for today, and my first was with Aaron Switzer, who is the Northern Lower Peninsula Area hatchery manager. He shared with us what he has been seeing this year for wild fish egg harvests, and what that is going to mean in future years for the trout and salmon populations in the Great Lakes. We also discussed how the food sources, such as alewives, for trout and salmon have been improving.

CLICK HERE to listen to Part1 of my interview with Aaron Switzer on trout and salmon egg harvests

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 2 of my talk with Aaron on lake trout and salmon in the Great Lakes

My second interview of the day was with a very familiar guest, Steve Koski of Indian Country Sports, which is located in L’Anse, MI. I got an excellent fall fishing report from Steve today, and he told us about how you can improve your chances of catching a big one! We also discussed what size of fish that fishermen have been catching, and we even talked some hunting!

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 1 of my discussion with Steve Koski of Indian Country Sports on Lake Superior fishing

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 2 of my chat with Steve on deer and bird hunting

On today’s Big Boy Sports Recap, Steve Whelan and I got into a serious discussion on Monday Night Football and what happened in last night’s game where the Steelers took the win over the Chargers. We also talked about the MLB post season record for the total number runs scored in a single day of playoff baseball and more baseball news.

CLICK HERE to listen to the Big Boy Sports Recap

We hope you had a great time tuning-in to today’s Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show! Tune in tomorrow for another great day of hunting, fishing, and sports in the UP and Michigan!

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