Deer Gun Hunting Season Recap, Coyote Hunting Reports, Bear Hunting Reports, and Muzzleloader Hunting on Tuesday’s Outdoor Show

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Adam Carpenter from the Outdoor Show on WFXD!

Adam Carpenter from the Outdoor Show on WFXD!

Yesterday was another great day here on the Outdoor Show, and I had a chance to play some amazing country and bluegrass music for you, only on 103-FXD! My Outlaw Cut for yesterday was Kris Kristofferson’s song “The Silver-Tongued Devil and I”, and I got some new alternative country music lined-up for the rest of this week’s shows as well!

My first Outdoor Report yesterday was with Pete Sorel from Settlers Co-Op out of Bruce Crossing, MI. Our talk yesterday focused on the gun deer hunting season, and Pete talked with me about what his observations were for this year’s season. We also discussed the upcoming muzzleloader season, as well as some coyote hunting too!

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 1 of my interview with Pete Sorel from Settlers Co-Op in Bruce Crossing, MI on the gun deer hunting season

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 2 of my talk with Pete from Bruce Crossing, MI on deer and coyote hunting and muzzleloader season

MDNR Wildlife Biologist Kevin Swanson joined me over phone to discuss how the bear season in the U.P. went this year. It seems that more hunters have been successful this season, thanks in large part to the unusually warm fall weather and the excellent fall acorn crop that we had. He also told us about the special bear forum in St. Ignace, and we even had time to chat about fawn depredation.

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 1 of my discussion with Kevin Swanson of the MDNR on the bear hunting season results

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 2 of my chat with Kevin Swanson on the bear forum in St. Ignace and fawn predation

For yesterday’s Big Boy Sports, Steve and I had some great games to talk about. We first discussed Monday night’s football game where the Dallas Cowboys took the win over the Redskins and the rest of the NFL. After that, we talked about the Detroit Red Wings and Tigers and several other topics as well!

CLICK HERE to listen to the Big Boy Sports Recap

We hope you had a great time tuning-in to today’s Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show! Tune in tomorrow for another great day of hunting, fishing, and sports in the UP and Michigan!

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