Food Network Grabbed My Tastebuds AGAIN!!!!

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Marquette02/14/12 – I don’t care if the episode happens to be a rerun or not, Guy Fieri will always get my attention; especially when it’s Italian!!! Last night, I caught a re-run of Guy visiting restaurants known for their own Italian specialties. I can’t remember the restaurant’s name or city location but I do remember that this eatery was making STROMBOLI!!!! I have never gone out personally to any restaurants to eat stromboli but when I watched what the ingredients were that go into this tasty item, I was hooked – I mean, I was taking trips into the kitchen looking through the refrig and trying tho find out if we had all the mentioned ingredients. Ahhh! I can make dough, I have sauce, mozzarella cheese, sausage…bresaola??? Bresaola!!! I don’t have any!!!!! Debbie, we need to get some bresaola from Northern Meats soon!!!!! Smokehouse Glenn, I need a pound of bresaola to finish my recipe!!! This photo is not my stromboli, but when I get my bresaola, it’s gonna be real close…but it won’t be hangin’ around in my kitchen for long. If you want Guy’s recipe, here’s the link!

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