Two Moose Sighted at One Time in One Spot!!! Splendid!!!

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Marquette03/26/12 – Sunday  morning on the way into Ishpeming, my wife and I spotted several cars pulled off the road just west of the rock cut by Diorite. She said, “Hey, I’ll bet there’s some wildlife roaming around.”

We pulled off the road behind the last car parked on the south side of 41 and I reached for my camera in the glove box. Debbie spotted a moose crossing 41 heading north. It stopped and she managed to get this picture when it stopped to graze.













This moose was approximately 25-30 yards off the highway. This was the closest either of us have ever been to an animal of this size. WOW – this moose is big!

We pulled back onto the highway to continue on our drive into Ishpeming when we glanced to  the south and WOW – look at that!!! There’s another one!!!  This bull was  also about 25 – 30 yards from the road. WOW!! Double Whammy- Moose   Jammy!!!!

Two in one day – you won’t see these babies living in the city!!


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