The Avengers Movie filled with Action, Good Script and Characters

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05/22/12– Last night, my wife and I went out to see the new Marvel comic movie, The Avengers. Movie making on the subject of comic book action heroes could not have happened at a better time and this movie is filled with action, explosions, super powers, high-tech gadgets and so much more!!!

Battling in The Avengers

Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

Of  all the Avengers in this movie, I would have to say that Ironman is my favorite due to the technology involved with his suit and how he manages to get in and out of it. Reading the comics of Ironman as a kid, it never explained how he got into his suit of metal but in this movie, it is so slick.

Growing Green in The Avengers

Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

This is the first movie where more that one action hero appears in the same film ( X-Men films don’t count) and of course, there are personality conflicts. That is to be expected but these issues get resolved (dialogue exchange is quite humorous in most cases) and the Avengers band together to defeat Loki and his horde.

Thor's Brother Fights The Avengers

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There will no doubt be a sequel since there has been such a great turn out for this movie…definitely a movie to be enjoyed on the big screen!!!