Old Towne Fest Kicks Off Pioneer Days…and I Helped!

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Thanks to my friend, Kurt Gronvall, he gave us the first time slot in the Old Towne Festival Music jam. So, there we were, the five of us – we’ve played together before several time but we didn’t quite think about a name because we hadn’t decided if we would actually form a band.

I guess we did just for Old Towne Fest – but stay tuned to find out if anything is official!!! So Lorrie yells out that we should call ourselves, “Mark & The Nighties”!!!

Unofficially, Mark & The Nighties were (l – r) Lorrie Hayes, George Knight, Me, Mark Johnson and Mike Cardone!!! Nice jam, gang!!!

Thanks to Jim & Chris of Sombrero Sound for an excellent job making us sound good!!! = : )


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