My Childhood Toys Were Cool!!!

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Yesterday’s blog on the Top 20 Toy List from the past century had me reflecting on childhood highlights with some of my favorite toys. One of these particular toys that I has was based on a kid’s Saturday TV show. Marionette shows these days seem quite cheesy but when you’re only 6 years old and you see rockets flying in space, it’s cool!!!

This flew many light year space missions!!

Fireball XL5 was a big show for me on Saturday along with cartoons and all the other kid stuff. So, my parents got me this working model rocket with figures, missiles one Christmas; that was the best year!! Watch the show promo…

Another toy I received one Christmas, was this helicopter from Mattel, the Vertibird.

This toy was really COOL!!!!!

Man, to have an actual working helicopter that flies – – – – – that had to be the best toy to have that year!!!


Check out this video from a pilot flying his copter….

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