Kix Brooks Gets Guitar Track but No Player in Person!

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Kix Brooks is doing well for himself since the split for Brooks & Dunn back in 2010. Brooks has released his new solo album, New to This Town, back in September which contains the single, New to This Town.

Kix was working on the soundtrack to a Christmas movie with Jay DeMarco (of Rascal Flatts) when he got the idea to cut New to This Town. The studio was already rockin’ with musicians, so Kix looks at DeMarco and they both agree. Lonnie Napier (Associate Producer , American Country Countdown) suggests the song needs some “Joe Walsh sounding guitar” to Brooks.courtesy of WNVE

Several phone calls later, Joe Walsh, after hearing the song from Brooks, calls and says he’ll record some guitar for the song. Walsh’s  track was later e-mailed to Brooks, they were dropped into the song and the rest currently now on cd.

New technology is great these days but now it’s easier for recording artists to not even have to meet in the studio like they used to to record. Oh, well, as the story goes, Kix previously met Joe Walsh when touring with Kenny Chesney.


Here’s a listen of Brooks, New to This Town…

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