Kix Brooks Lands Part in New Movie…with One Catch!!!

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Country Music artist Kix Brooks from the biggest country duo out of the 90’s, Brooks & Dunn, is launching into a new venue. Brooks is making his appearance in the silver screen as Wade Locklin in the Team Two Entertainment,  Freewill Film Production, Thriftstore Cowboy. Studying theater in collage, Kix’s hasn’t used his skills because his country music touring with Brooks & Dunn didn’t give him enough time.Acting Role in New Movie

Now he have a part in an independent film and Brooks is excited. One catch to his part as Locklin is that he had to shave his long time trademark mustache!!! Don’t know how this character detail developed, Kix hasn’t said but you can hear star actor William Shockley making his comment, “Tonight you’re Wade Locklin, leave Kix Brooks behind.”





Looks like this should be an exciting film with plenty of action. The film premieres October 20th at the Hollywood Film Festival. Check local listings for information on showings after the premiere showing.

Here is the trailer for Thriftstore Cowboy…

Visit these links to Thriftstore Cowboy’s Facebook page and Team Two Entertainment for more info.



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