Billy Ray Cyrus’ 13th Album Released Tomorrow

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Country Music Artist Billy Ray Cyrus released his newest single, Change My Mind back on September 4th. Tomorrow Cyrus fans can get their hands on Billy’s 13th album and possible have their minds changed by this new project."Change My Mind"


Billy’s latest album returns to his music roots of bluegrass, gospel, Country and Southern Rock. Recorded in a three month span from Los Angeles, Cyrus used the services of producer Brandon Friesen to record this album. Freisen has worked on over 100 albums, notably bluesman Jeff Healey, Stevie Salas and Derek Miller. Billy desired to capture a loose honky-tonk bar feel in the album’s music incorporating the use of world class musicians.

Billy Ray Cyrus





Visit Bill Ray’s website for more info on “Change My Mind”.

Here is the video for “Change My Mind”


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