Governor’s Comments on Marquette’s Tribal Gas Station Disappointing

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Governor Snyder released comments from Lansing Thursday voicing his disapproval to the proposed Keweenaw Bay Indian Community gas station in Marquette Township may be “unlawful” and offer an “unfair advantage over surrounding competitors.


The Governor’s comments also touched of the tribe’s processing the land purchase into a trust, rendering the all retail sales exempt from state sales tax. Snyder made reference to a (State of) Washington vs. Confederated Tribes U.S. Supreme Court case which he feels renders the land trust movement both “unlawful” and “unfair”. (To read up on the court case, see this link to


I will read up on this court case myself later but I take issue with the Governor’s comments on this new business being unfair to to surrounding competitors. Maybe the Governor is unaware of the “unfair” price gouging U.P. Residents have been experiencing for quite some time. I haven’t (nor will I ) forget how Bart Stupak vowed to investigate price gouging in the U.P. NOT!!!!!! He took his government pension and said, Bye-bye!!!


The gas stations in Marquette County will not give customers a straight answer as to why their prices have been consistently higher than other areas. We need this tribal station to drive down the price of these area gougers!!!

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