Boy Scouts of America Pressured By Gay Groups to Change Charter

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One of America’s long standing institutions is considering caving in on their organization’s core principles now that they are experiencing pressure from all sides. The Boy Scouts have a founding creed that offers guidance to growing young men, challenging them to become “morally straight”; meaning young men should be taught the value of living a moral life based around biblical principles.

Our own President is sending out the wrong message by pressuring the Boy Scouts to change their organization’s principles. President Obama, still catering to his election promises to his gay constituency says,  “My attitude is that gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does, in every institution and walk of life…”Boy Scouts Creed

What about the charter that an organization drafts that is the founding principles an organization establishes? Are those principles to be scraped when someone who doesn’t agree with those guidelines forces themselves into its membership.

This entire premise of inclusion started with the Feminists Movement when women decided they would challenge the charters of “Men Only” club and pressed the issue in court, which eventually ruled in the women’s’ favor. If these women wanted to be a a club so bad, why didn’t they start their own?? The same with the gay community – they feel they want to be involved in the development of boys with their lifestyle perspectives as a part of their charter, START YOUR OWN GROUP!

Family Research Council and 41 other associations have united their voices in support of the Boy Scouts standing their ground.Boy Scout ad

I support the Boy Scouts standing firm to their convictions – I would disband the organization before caving in and going against its organization’s charter!












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