Amazing Sobriety Check Concerning America’s Moral Conscience

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I don’t subscribe to HBO and I have never been interested in the content of their series that their channel produces. This particular clip is from the first season of HBO’s, “The Network” starring Jeff Daniels.


This clip made its way on Facebook yesterday and it caught my interest because of what Daniel’s character, news anchor and managing editor, Will McAvoy stated in response to a question posed by students.


The opening response by McAvoy is quite abrasive (contained several F-bombs which were edited out) but he actually is correct with what is stated. Maybe this is why I was aggravated with President Obama during his first term when he toured Europe and made statements saying that America is not an exceptional nation. I would say that America is an exceptional – or we USED TO BE!


The moral condition of our nation has changed drastically since the 1960’s! America used to stand tall as an example to other nations but not now – not in our current condition. We need to make some drastic changes or we are in store for a big wake-up call!

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