Bored Billboard Employees Consider Matchmaking For Taylor

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What in the world in going on?? We have so much Reality TV shows (a.k.a. drama)being broadcasted these days.  The effects from this may have been felt by somebody at Thinking they need to do some matchmaking for Taylor Swift since she is without a boyfriend currently, they posted a poll in search of who the public thought Taylor should date next.

Matchmakers for Swift.

Evidently, the pollsters feel that Swift would do well with country star Hunter Hayes. Hey, leave Hunter alone!!! He’s working on his career, if he is interested; I’m sure he would be able to find himself  someone to take out on a date. Besides, his latest release, “Somebody’s Heartbreak” possibly reveals his current dating status!

Taylor, you deserve 4th place on the list – Justin Bieber!!!bieber_swift

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