Wasteful Government Spending Deserves Overdue Cuts

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Our United States government has spent its way into a financial crisis in the past two Administrations. U.S. Senator Tom Coburn released his 2012 Wasteful Spending with $18 Billion worth of unnecessary government spending. Let’s look at three more examples of your wasted tax dollars!

1) Federal Communication Commission/$1.5 Billion – Lifeline Program enrollment continues to increase as people sign up for free cell phones based on either their federal tested programs or income level.

2) Department of State/$400.2 Million – State Dept’s Iraq police training program has failed miserably,State will hand over to the Iraqis several building projects that ended up being unnecessary.

3) Faulty FEMA calculations  in Iowa/ $75.4 million – Regional FEMA officials miscalculated renovation cost of two University of Iowa buildings by including unallowable costs, leading to unnecessary replacement of the buildings.

Right here, we can reduce the deficit by dropping these three programs by almost $2 Billion! Why can’t our Washington D.C. politicians determine that this is wasted money!!!!!



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