Kubota Giveaway Allowed ME to NOT Be ME!

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I’ll never forget the line Dudley Moore stated in the movie, Arther  – “Sometimes, I just think of funny things!” Afterwhich, he preceded to burst out laughing hysterically!

Yesterday at the Great Lakes Giveaway, I was not me, I was Carl Spackler, Bill Murray’s character in Caddyshack. It all happened so suddenly last Monday at work. I got this brainstorm to do something out of the ordinary for the giveaway."What, it's no big deal!"

I must admit that I planned to act up much more than I did at the party but my planning didn’t work out. However, I did manage to pull off the joke that Carl did in the pool cleaning scene with the Baby Ruth candy bar. With the unknowing help from Sunny’s Walt Lindala, I delivered the Baby Ruth joke to a roomful of laughter and cheers.

What turned out to be ALMOST as funny were the facial expressions of several of my co-workers who momentarily didn’t recognize me once I made my costume change! Eric, I wish I had a mini-cam at the time I walked past you; your expression of complete puzzlement was the best!


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