Unknown 23-Year-Old Chosen By Atkins For Duet On National TV

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It  paid to always have a good work ethic – you never know who will notice you. Like Maureen Maltez, an unknown singer who receive a big break from country artist Trace Atkins. 

Trace Adkins found himself in need of a duet partner for his appearances on the Today Show and Fox & Friends this week — and instead of calling on the skills from one of his musician friends, Trace decided to offer Maltez. Atkins heard Maureen perform at a junior college fundraiser. Atkins later surprised her with a copy of the song during a jazz dance class two weeks ago and after a few short rehearsals the pair boarded a plane to New York on Tuesday.

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Wouldn’t that be an amazing surprise – have Trace Atkins come up to you and ask, `Hey, you want to go to New York City and sing on the “Today” show?’

WOW!!! The 23-year- old will be performing the song, “Watch the World End” with Atkins  this week on “Today” and “Fox & Friends.”



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