Eli Young Band Catch “Huge Deal” On Chesney Tour

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Last year, Eli Young Band performed at the UP State Fair and had a great time and turn out. This year, the band will be having a summer to remember since they have signed on to perform with Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Nation Tour! Think of it while you check this snap shot from Chesney’s video, Reality! The boys are performing in amphitheaters, as well as 18 stadiums filled with Kenny Chesney fans!kenny chesney_reality This is a huge deal for them!

This will be the biggest tour Eli Young Band they have ever been a part of – WOW! I can see the amount of fans in the above picture, knowing that there were thousands of people in that stadium. I counted 9 different stadiums that Kenny showed performing in the beginning of “Reality”. It is difficult to imagine being on stage of just ONE stadium let alone 18! Enjoy your summer, boys!!

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Eli Young Band

Kenny’s “No Shoes Nation” tour comes as close to us as Target Field in Minneapolis, MN July 12th!

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