GLR Giveaway Winner Is First Time Contestant!

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Despite crazy rainy weather outside, the inside atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation as over 200 contestants and guests enjoyed a Mama Russo’s dinner and five games of Karndean Bingo! Heather “the Country Scoop ” ran a well organized giveaway…Dee Dee & Dennis hammed it up as they called the five Karndean Bingo games finding the finalists who would get their chance to win the Mathews Flooring Grand Prize.

Karndean callers hamming up!

Karndean callers hamming up!

I must say that I surprised myself with how well I was able to joke about several of the evening’s circumstances. Upon the conclusion of our dinner, the lights started to flicker as the rain storm intensified. As DeeDee and I prepared the audience for bingo, I interjected; “Normally in settings like this you would be asked to turn your cell phones off. However, if we lose power and the lights go out, everyone get your phones out and turn them on,we can light up the room and continue from there.”

Great Lakes Radio Giveaway

Jason Cungdon (l) with Grand Prize Winner Greg Pryor and Joe Burdick

As we continued with Bingo, the downpour did also and Tony came up to me and said to announce that a Toyota has their window open in the parking lot. I had the mike so I also commented, “Well, we will all know who it is when that person get up to run outside; don’t everyone laugh!” It turned out to be my car with the sun roof tilted open!! There wasn’t too much moisture, so I lucked out.

However, the BIG news of the night was Greg Pryor of Marquette winning the Grand Prize of $5,000 of Karndean flooring from Mathews Floor Fashion. When I spoke with Greg and congratulated him, he informed me that not only was this his first giveaway he attended by Great Lakes Radio but this was the first prize that he has ever won! Greg, I would say that you did very well for yourself for a first prize – Congratulations!!!

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Group shot with the Grand Prize Winner!

Group shot with the Grand Prize Winner!


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