Chris Young’s New Song Doesn’t Quite Match His Video

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Country Artist has a new single on the charts that is way too familiar to my old rowdy days! “Aw Naw” talks about those nights out with the boys when you decide to call it good and head home yet someone buys you “one more”. You try to tell the boys, “Nope, I’m atta here – but then, Aw Naw!”Aw Naw

So, somebody explain how the song lyrics fit with the video Chris released!!! I don’t get it – the boys get off their tour bus for a food and gas stop, the lights start to flicker as if there is a power failure going on; then some country babes with sparklers stroll in and, well, Aw Naw!


Well, half way thru the song, Chris explores the convenience store to find a hidden bar in the back where the walk-in cooler should be. Chris, the 4th is comin’ up – stay away from the babes with sparklers!!


Here’s Aw Naw…you decide for yourself!!!!!


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