Trucks & Country Music Go Together Like…

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Peanut butter & jelly! OK, maybe grits & greens would be better or fried chicken & corn on the cob! Anyway, I told my wife back in 2005, “I want to own a full sized truck,just once before I’m gone.” Later that year, I bought a Dodge Ram and really enjoyed owning it (before the price of gas went up and it became a pain in the wallet to fuel up)! That truck had a great stereo in it!!

Low rider vs. Truck

Low rider vs. Truck

Blake's jacked up truck

Blake’s jacked up truck

Speaking of trucks and music, GAC will have Justin Moore hosting a program counting down the Top 10 Truck Videos, scheduled for Friday, August 23rd. With regard to the ten videos Justin will be showing, I would have to say it will be a toss up between Blake Shelton’s, “Boys Round Here” and Jason Aldean’s, “Take A Little Ride”! I must say that the intro to Blake’s video with the black guys looking up at Blake’s jacked up truck give his a slight edge over Jason’s.

If you want to see the list and the videos Justin will be showing, check out what GAC posted on their webpage.

Here’s Blake Shelton’s, “Boys Round Here”…

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