Duck Dynasty Craziness Continues…

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Last night, my wife and I finished watching the final two episodes to Season 2 of the TV show, “Duck Dynasty”. I must say that some of the phases the different family members say are numerous. Si’s exclamation s of, “Hey” and “Jack” are timely; along with Phil’s repeated description of “Happy, Happy, Happy”!

Although today, I was thinking about the Robertson mens’ beards! As redneck millionaires, they can pretty much dress how they like and they all have large beards.

Years ago, I tried seeing how long I could grow a beard but didn’t get very far length wise. Oh, I can grow a good full face beard but the length progresses at a snail’s pace. However, our very own Eric Scott can really grow a beard. That guy can shave in the morning and by 10 am, two days growth worth re-appears!Duck Dynasty Eric

So I borrowed Willie’s beard and placed it on Eric just to see what our very own FXD Mountain Man would look like. Not bad, Eric; for a guy who has never been to Louisiana!!! If you think Eric should join the ranks to the Duck Dynasty boys with a big ol’ beard, e-mail him and let him know – Who knows, we could have a contest to wager how long it would take to grow!!

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