Giveaway Party Was Fun With Our Contestants

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My wife always tells me that I’m a “people person” – your personality puts people at ease and you can converse with anyone! Who knows me better than my wife!

The Fab Five

The Fab Five

Last night I shared loads of laughs with with many of our Shopping Show customers that stop in at our office and I get to talk with. I was surprised to meet up with former client I served in my previous job. Kathy seemed to enjoy the evening with her guests.

I did enjoy joking with this one group of contestants while passing out tickets and pennies. Referring to Drew Carry’s tv show, “Who’s Line Is It Anyway”; I told this one lady that I would give her 50, 000 extra bonus points if she displayed some stylish penny tossing style when her turn came up – she did indeed!

Giving Out Drew Carey Bonus Points!

Giving Out Drew Carey Bonus Points!

Congratulations to Brenda Nault, our grand prize winner of the Nordic hot tub from the Rec Depot. She was extremely excited to win and we were happy that she and all of our party participants enjoyed an evening of fun and great food at Country Lane last night!

Brenda Nault - Grand Prize Winner!

Brenda Nault – Grand Prize Winner!

See you at our next contest in December!

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