The Sign of Winter Is Upon Me…

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One of the first homes I purchased with my wife, Debbie had an existing vegetable garden on its seven acres. At the end of the garden rows grew this entire row of grass, 8 feet tall! I had never seen anything like it; whispy, elegant looking, swaying in the summer breeze. Debbie is quite the plant expert, studying herbs and other edibles; she told me this was fountain grass!

Dwarf fountain grass

Dwarf fountain grass

Man, this is a interesting-looking grass. When it goes to seed in the fall, it gets long strands at the top of the plant that also elegantly sway in the breeze. The grass blades remain rigid after it dies; leaving tall grey-brown blades to cut down and burn in the spring.

Debbie  bought me a dwarf variety of this grass when we moved to the UP and it is outside the back door. This year’s growth of beauty is quickly fading; its green color can barely be seen. Even with the recent stretch of “Indian Summer”, even its gold is turning brown. Yes, I thought as I snapped this photo; winter is on its way!!!

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