Catch Rodney’s New Single Before He Hits Marquette!

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Northern Michigan University has made the country connections to bring country music artist Rodney Atkins to the UP! Thursday, October 24th the Vandament Arena will be kickin’ out the country music from Rodney Atkins. Fans will have the chance to hear Atkins’ hits “Watching You” ,”These Are My People”, “Take A Back Road,” “Farmer’s Daughter,” “If You’re Going Through Hell” and It’s America”. You will also get to hear his new single, “Doin’ It Right”; which was released this week.

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Rodney Atkins LIVE!

Rodney has a down home grasp of America that is expressed in his songs. The last several days I’ve been closely listening to his material and really appreciate how Rodney captures the wholesomeness of Middle America – especially in “It’s America”. Rodney does the same in this new single, “Doin It Right”; he’s trying to improve himself as a person, one day at a time, as we all are attempting to do!!

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