This Boy Is Gettin’ Ready For Rodney Atkins!

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Have I told you lately that I’m originally from New York City! Many years ago, our family was transplanted from long Island to Marietta, Ohio. The shock for this city boy at the time can be described as Green Acres Syndrome! When our family exited I-77 and we began our trek to our new home, my first memory of the area was seeing an 80 acre corn field on the opposite side of the interstate! Holy Nibblets – the Green Giant’s been busy!

The years passed and I became adjusted to country life until finally after college, the glamor of city life lost its shine and I began to appreciate NOT having to think about fighting the crowds. rodney atkins live

Thanks to country artist like Rodney Atkins, I can know laugh AND appreciate the content of songs such as “Friends With Tractors”, “Take A Back Road” and “It’s America”! Today, on the way to work, I was appreciating the message in Atkins’ , “Friends With Tractors”  – so much so that I played the song three times in a row! See – there is hope for a city boy!!! I’m looking forward to seeing Rodney Atkins this Thursday in concert at NMU!

I’ll be singing loud!!

Here is Friends With Tractors…


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