Easton Corbin & Ram Trucks Name 2013 Year of the Farmer

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Growing up in Southeastern Ohio, our high school had a good population of its students enrolled the the FFA, Future Farmer of America program and rightly so. Ohio possesses a fairly sizable portion of its state devoted to farming. This year, country music artist Easton Corbin and Ram Trucks have joined together in recognizing the occupation of farming. Easton, a former FFA member, has been meeting with local FFA chapters in 12 markets as he tours the country this fall and winter.

Easton Corbin live

Easton Corbin live

In each market, Easton performs at a private event held exclusively for FFA members and also answers questions from the audience. He has played five markets to date with each market having 300 – 500 FFA members in attendance. Easton will be at the National FFA Convention and Expo in Louisville, KY., on October 30 to meet with FFA members from across the country.

Visit Easton’s page to see his video with Ram Truck, All Over the Road to the ACM Awards and register to enter a trip for two to the ACM Awards in the spring of 2014!

Here is Episode 1 of All Over The Road By Ram with Easton Corbin:

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