Car Shoppin’ Saturday Was a Great Date Day!

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Amid light snow flurries during the late morning hours, my wife and I went down to Iron Mountain for our long awaited car shopping date. Bergeron Motors of Iron Mountain sold us our 2005 Toyota Matrix and we had been viewing their used car inventory online and found several deals that caught our eye.Toyota Sport gray

By the time we arrived in Iron Mountain, the highways were slightly damp and the flurries had stopped so we were ready to drive.  Our salesman, Adrian was very helpful providing a rundown of the cars we chose to drive, pointing out main features of each model and financing information.

Our first drive was in a 2013 Corolla LE with low mileage, black exterior, beige interior, bucket seats. This was a really sweet car, handled great, tight turning radius, great acceleration; we both liked this car.

Next was a 2013 Corolla Sport – practically new with only 5,000 miles; grey exterior, dark interior. In my earlier searching for car prospects, I had my eye on the Corolla Sport but Debbie thought the sport exterior trim was unnecessary and she didn’t want to have anything to do with a car model labeled “sport”. Her attitude did a screeching 180 as soon as she sat inside. WOW – I Like This! (I just smiled and said, “it’s pretty nice, isn’t it?)


I drove the Sport model for about 20 minutes, pulled  over in a parking lot, looked it over then headed back to the lot; saying to myself, “Looks like we’ll be getting this one!!”

This week, we will be working out the financial details and hopefully getting this new ride soon!

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