My New Car Is Getting Closer!

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The new car saga continues  – in a good way! toyota-corolla-s-2013-red

I had mentioned that My wife & I want car shopping last Saturday and found a 2013 Toyota Corolla Sport at Bergeron Motors of Iron Mountain. This ride is CLEAN…AND only has 5,000 on it.

So the kicker is that my 1999 Toyota Tacoma was on a recall for possibly having a frame that may have rusted out due to inadequate rustproofing and excessive salt used in Michigan. My salesman, Adrian, suggested the frame be inspected to determine if it is in fact in an excessive rusted state.

The frame was inspected Monday and found to be, in fact, rusted out to where Toyota will buy it back from me at one and one half tomes book value! Oh, this deal is getting good!! Now the waiting is on a response from Toyota!!!

Stay Tuned!!

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