Brad Paisley Hits the Big Screen This Summer!

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 Country Music Star Brad Paisley is known for performing his hit country music on the big stage – but this summer his golden voice will be heard on the Big Screen. No – he did not hang up his Telecaster for acting but he will lend his voice for a character in Disney’s new summer movie, Planes: Fire & poster

The sequel to last year’s film, Planes; Paisley wrote a song of the film entitled; “All In” plus a second song to be featured in the film’s sound track.

Planes: Fire & Rescue tells the story of a crew of firefighters protecting Piston Peak National Park from wildfires. Paisley will also be featured in the film as the voice of Bubba, a Blue pick up truck seen in Honkers Bar. You can catch his character in the trailer linked below.

brad bubba




Planes: Fire & Rescue premiers in theaters July 18th.

Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue Extended Trailer on Disney Video

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