BG Didn’t Break Out His Brass Knuckles To Fix This Deal!

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In the early years of any music artist, money can be scarce. This was the case for Country artist Brantley Gilbert in his early years before his first record deal. Gilbert and his band needed money to get to a Texas gig, so BG was willing to sell his 1969 Mercury Cougar for cash.

A 1969 Mercury Cougar

A 1969 Mercury Cougar


The buyer realized Gilbert’s situation, bought it for $4,000 and said if he ever wanted his car back, he could buy it back. Eight months later, Gilbert returned to get his car, the owner changed his mind about selling it back, to the tune of $25,000.


Several years later, Brantley set his mind to returning and getting his car back and possibly giving the owner a taste of knuckles. It the time, BG was dating Jana Kramer and she stepped in to help with the discussion, however, Brantley ended up paying more than four grand to get his baby back!

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