Media Rag Starts Legal Entanglement For McGraw

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Add website, TMZ to your list of tabloid rag sites that enjoy sensationalizing nothing stories until some public notice is stirred up.

Let's move on with this!

Let’s move on with this!

Last Monday, TMZ posted a video segment from Tim McGraw’s July 13th concert in Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood in Atlanta. The video, crappy at best, reported that McGraw slapped a female concert goer after she groped his crotch. The initial footage was from McGraw’s back and you really couldn’t make out what had happened.


Three days later, TMZ comes out with additional video footage, this time facing McGraw as he is walking down what was stated to be a “ramp”. In the second footage the “ramp” looks more like a bar counter top. The angle of the second video shows the woman, now identified as Jesslyn Taylor. Taylor doesn’t actually “grab” Tim inappropriately but she does grab his leg enough to where I thought McGraw could have fallen off the surface he was walking on. When he stumbles initially from the initial contact, he does sling his left hand back to free himself but then he ends up making a more definitive swipe at the woman that grabbed him. Was the second go at the woman necessary – maybe not. Was anything McGraw did to the woman humiliating – certainly not!


Taylor has secured Personal Injury Lawyer, Eric J. Hertz, P.C. of Norcross, GA. stated his client is humiliated and angry over the incident. Her actions were merely participating in the concert’s “interactive environment”. You have got to be kidding – sounds more like ambulance chasing of a multimillion dollar recording artist! Hardly worth the effort of Hertz’s time; considering many of the more note worth cases he and his office have litigated in the past.


Let’s just stop now and get on with life! Do you really need to see the video, NO, but make up your own mind!


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