Glad To See Progress on This New Business, BUT…!

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Driving home after work the other day, I was really glad to see work progressing on the new Ojibwa Convenience Store. After a lengthy construction interruption thanks to the unnecessary intervention by Governor Snyder, work has continued.

I understand from the recent news story reported by TV6, that the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community have not filed to place the land in trust with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The trust filing became a source of contention with many of the area gas stations when they protested how this would allow the Ojibwa station to sell gas at a lower cost just like the Pines in Baraga.Station_R

Local gas price gouging has been a topic none of these complainers have been able to justify in their arguments so – let’s ask another question.

Why has the new station construction suddenly been allowed to continue with the land trust not being filed? That been the intention of the tribe since the beginning. Since the TV6 report stated this can be done at a future – the future is NOW!

File for the trust and get to completed before opening!

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