Happy Thanksgiving from Me to You!!

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It’s Thanksgiving once again – one of my favorite holidays of the year. I think the reason I like Thanksgiving the most is because it is an original American holiday celebrating how the pilgrims were thankful for the Native Americans that helped them survive their first winter in the New World.

Breakin' the Wishbone

Breakin’ the Wishbone

I am very thankful for all my listeners in FXD Land – who enjoy our country music format and enjoy my daily humor, shout outs and artist info while you work! While you enjoy your “Thanksgiving Midday” with family, I’ll be Breakin’ the Wishbone” with all of you!

Recently, my wife, Debbie, who I love talking about during my show; was involved in a car accident while on the way to work. I am extremely thankful that she walked away from the incident with only slight injury.

Remember to count your blessings of thankfulness sometime during your celebration – it will make the meal taste that much more delicious!!

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