Back to the Classics — American Country Gold With Elmer Aho — Saturday, November 12, 2011

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Two words: Elmer Aho.

American Country Gold is Live from the WFXD Studios! Listen to tonight’s show HERE.

Marquette, Michigan— Opening Day of the Firearm Deer Season is this coming Tuesday, November

103.3 The Country Extreme's Elmer Aho

15th…are you ready for it? Next Saturday, November 19th, is the beginning of American Country Gold’s Deer Hunter’s Roundup! You can report your kills to Elmer by emailing him at, or call him Saturday night at (906) 227-8888. Elmer will do his best to get them on-air for you.

On tonight’s edition of American Country Gold with Elmer Aho, Elmer played email requests and phone requests all night long! In fact, Elmer was able to catch up on many requests and/or dedications that came in over the last few weeks.

Elmer sent out a special birthday request for Martin Hendrickson for his 84th birthday on Sunday, November 13th! Happy Birthday, Martin, and thanks for listening to American Country Gold.

Again, Deer Hunter’s Roundup begins next Saturday, November 19th from 7pm to Midnight (est). Be sure to report your deer kills during the week to Have a successful and safe hunt from Elmer Aho! Be sure to stay safe out in the woods…and remember to wear proper attire, too.

Enjoy your week and see you next Saturday, November 19th from 7pm to Midnight (est) for American Country Gold with Elmer Aho!

Listen to tonight’s archived broadcast HERE.

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