Elmer Aho All Charged Up for Another Saturday Night on 103-FXD

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Elmer Aho – Host of American Country Gold on 103-FXD

2/7/2014 Marquette, Michigan USA — After having a very busy Saturday last week, Elmer Aho is charged up and ready to roll out another edition of American Country Gold on 103-FXD! Elmer Aho has been receiving calls, emails, and Facebook messages throughout the entire week!

Elmer Aho loves to hear from you on Saturday night during American Country Gold on 103-FXD. Elmer loves interacting with you, especially when you have a personal story to talk to Elmer about! Make sure you call Elmer up tomorrow night at 906-227-8888 or email elmer@wfxd.com.

A Saturday night just wouldn’t be a Saturday night without Elmer Aho, right?!? So, grab your loved ones, your friends and your neighbors and get ready for American Country Gold with Elmer Aho on 103-FXD!

Tune in for the Western Set at 8pm, the Bluegrass Set at 9pm, and Elmer’s gossip! As Elmer does on every Saturday night, be sure to hold off on your calls for requests and dedications in the 9pm hour. This gives Elmer Aho a chance to catch-up on the requests that came in prior, and also gives him a break from the busy phone lines.

Since Valentine’s Day is next Friday, February 14th, why not send out your sweetheart something special? Elmer knows exactly what to choose when it comes to sending out love songs for that special someone in your life!

So, grab your phone and call Elmer Aho tomorrow night at 906-227-8888 or email elmer@wfxd.com. Stay in touch with Elmer on his official Great Lakes Radio Facebook page.

For 26 Years – American Country Gold with Elmer Aho!

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