Did You Hear “Ode to the Little Brown Shack Out Back” on American Country Gold with Elmer Aho?

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11/29/2014 Marquette, Michigan USA — Elmer Aho brought you Billie Ed Wheeler’s “Ode to the Little Brown Shack


Elmer Aho – Host of American Country Gold on 103-FXD

Out Back” in the 9pm hour during American Country Gold on 103-FXD and WFXD.com! Elmer Aho wrapped up Deer Hunter’s Round-Up with calls for deer hunting songs from all across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and beyond! Many hunter’s across our landscape said it was a difficult firearm deer season. With the 3+ feet of snow in Mid-November, it made it nearly impossible for some hunter’s to trek through the forests in preparation to bag that white-tail.

Throughout the evening Elmer Aho told funny deer hunting stories from his own past! Camp Tampon also called in to talk with Elmer Aho too! Cozy Camp also called in for a request during American Country Gold with Elmer Aho. The guys at Cozy Camp ended up bagging 3 – 8 pointers! Congratulations from Elmer Aho!

Elmer Aho also said “I’d like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Even though a little late, I hope you were able to enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and friends.”

Thank you so much for tuning in to American Country Gold during the 2014 Firearm Deer Season! While you wrap up the season, make sure you have a safe and successful hunt! Thanks for keep it country with Elmer Aho and American Country Gold on 103-FXD.

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LISTEN – FULL SHOW – Elmer Aho wraps up deer hunter’s round-up on American Country Gold on 103-FXD Saturday November 29th 2014.mp3

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