Elmer Aho and American Country Gold To Be Featured on ABC 10 Monday

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Elmer Matthew Aho

103-FXD’s Elmer Aho

Marquette, MichiganNovember 3rd, 2016 – I was happy to get a visit from Jerry Taylor, the News Director at ABC 10 during my show Saturday night on 103-FXD! Jerry dropped by the studio around 6pm to interview me prior to my show. ABC 10 will do a special feature about my show, American Country Gold on Monday, November 7th on the 5:30pm news, 10pm news (CW 5), and 11pm news. It was very nice to meet Jerry Taylor! Jerry was able to film me during the show, and see the organized chaos that happens every Saturday night around here!

You’ll also be able to catch my exclusive interview with Jerry Taylor from ABC 10 on their website, abc10up.com and their Facebook page on Monday evening. It was certainly a great opportunity to have a chance to talk about my show on TV! Make sure to catch my exclusive interview on ABC 10, Monday, November 7th!

Catch American Country Gold Saturday night from 7pm to midnight as I’ll be back to the request line here on 103-FXD and WFXD.com! Reach me starting around 6:45pm at 906-361-9393 or email elmer@wfxd.com! I’ll be happy to play your requests and dedications! Make sure you friend me on Facebook prior to my show.

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