Model Town’s Own Elmer Aho Brought You “The Gwinn Model Town Blues” on ACG

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Elmer Aho's LIVE on American Country Gold on 103-FXD and

Elmer Aho’s LIVE on American Country Gold on 103-FXD and

Marquette, MichiganFebruary 17th, 2018 – The guys at Camp Valley requested “The Gwinn Model Town Blues” on American Country Gold Saturday night. It is always a privilege to play a song for the gang up in the Copper Country. The gang at Camp Valley called me up in the 9pm hour Saturday night and I had their request on before 11pm.

It was great to hear from Penny in Palmer. Penny would always join in on Saturday’s at Chuck’s Pub in beautiful downtown Palmer several years ago. After we lost Chuck, I hadn’t heard from Penny and the crew for a very long time. Nice to hear from you, Penny!

The UP 200 Sled Dog race began on Friday night in downtown Marquette. I had many Mushers tuning in during American Country Gold. I do wish all the Mushers success to the finish line on Sunday! I know they have a tremendous amount of community support across the Upper Peninsula.

Take it nice and slow on the highways and biways on Sunday and Monday on your way to work. We’re looking at about 3-5 inches of snow across Marquette County and beyond. Could be a bit trecherous to drive Monday. Get your snowplows and snowblowers back in gear!

Join me next Saturday, February 24th at 7pm as we’ll do it all over again here on 103-FXD. Make sure to friend me on my Great Lakes Radio Facebook page.

LISTEN – FULL SHOW – Elmer Aho celebrates the UP 200 Sled Dog races in Marquette

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