City of Ishpeming Parking Ban Reminder — Monday, October 31, 2011

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Ishpeming Parking Ban takes effect November 1st.

Avoid any parking fines!

City of Ishpeming, Michigan Logo

City of Ishpeming Logo

Ishpeming, Michigan — It’s already that time of year again! Time to take your vehicles off the streets in Ishpeming. The City of Ishpeming would like to remind you about their Parking Ban…

The 1am to 6am parking ban takes effect November 1st and does run through April 30th, 2012. As usual, this ordinance will  not be enforced until it snows and the plows need to come out. After this the ordinance will be enforced nightly until the weather breaks in the spring. The fine for this offense is $50!

Be sure to also remind your neighbors, friends and family members in the City of Ishpeming about the parking ban which takes effect on Tuesday, November 1st. This reminder from the City of Ishpeming Police Department and 103.3 The Country Extreme.

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