Billy Currington Has a Stalker! — Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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Singer Billy Currington meets his Stalker Face to Face!

Billy’s been Stalked for the past six months…

Country's Billy Currington

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11/8/2011 — Singer Billy Currington has a stalker who has been watching him through a telescope and a pair of binoculars. In fact, the stalker walked straight up to his door and told him so! In a series of about a dozen tweets Billy chronicled the up-close and personal encounter with the loquacious stalker.

Billy says  “hey man u can come to my house anytime u want to and i say hey bro wtf. ? he says he got 3 boats and i reallyyy wanna take you fishn,” Billy recounted via his Twitter page.

“He said u see that house over there bro ?? the one thats alll lit up ?? thats mine man ! i see you over here every day!” he continued.

The rest of the tweets further illustrate Billy’s stalker really pushing to hang out. Talk about creepy!

-Eric Scott

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