John Rich to Host 2011 ThanksUSA Benefit Concert — Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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John Rich has signed on as Host for the 2011 ThanksUSA’s 2011 Benefit Concert.

The Event will celebrate Military Families across the Country.

Country's John Rich

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11/9/2011 — Reigning ‘Celebrity Apprentice‘ winner John Rich, who raised more than $1 million for St. Jude Children’s Research hospital during his time on the show, continues his goodwill mission by signing on as host for the 2011 ThanksUSA’s 2011 Benefit Concert. The event will celebrate the dedication and sacrifice made by military families across the country.

“I’m excited to host ThanksUSA’s celebration of military families this year, and I’m happy to be supporting such a tremendous cause,” John says. “It’s important to remember every day, every month, every year the sacrifices made by so many of our fellow Americans who serve in our armed forces, as well as the loved ones of those who serve.”

-Eric Scott

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