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Brad Paisley helps out Keith Urban.

12/7/2011 ( —  Keith Urban may be recovering from his recent vocal surgeryin silence, but that doesn’t mean he is spending his

Country Radio's Keith Urban

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days in seclusion. The New Zealand-born singer has his family — and his country music family, namely Brad Paisley — to help him pass the time.

“We’re big guitar junkies, and we wanted to get together and maybe go through some amplifiers and go through some gear,” Brad tells Nashville’s Tennessean. “I told him, ‘Let’s do that. You don’t have to talk. We’ll get together. We’ll play guitar, set up some amps, go through some tubes, try some stuff out and tweak.’ I’ll do all the talking, which I am very capable of. He can just nod and grunt and do whatever he’s allowed to do.”

-Eric Scott

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