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David Nail Explains Twitter Habits.

Country's David Nail

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1/2/2012 ( David Nail uses Twitter (@davidnail) to discuss everything from sports to music to his daily activities … a lot. The ‘Let It Rain’ singer has been known to tweet two or three dozen times per day, and even though he knows a few fans may be rattled by his tendency to over-share, he has no plans of changing his behavior.

“In the beginning, when people weren’t exactly sure where I was coming from and they weren’t exactly sure about my personality, they would get turned off by it,” he shares in a Walmart Soundcheck Risers interview. “But now, I think people have come to expect it. Sometimes I’ll get on there, and people will be like, ‘Oh man, I missed one of his Twitter-thons.’ So I apologize to those of you that don’t like it, but evidently the majority of you do, so I’m going to go with the majority.”

-Eric Scott

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