Julianne Hough About to Shoot Film Role

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Country's Julianne Hough

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2/15/2012 (TheBoot.com)Julianne Hough is becoming a permanent fixture on the big screen. The singer-dancer-actress, who has already appeared in ‘Burlesque‘ and ‘Footloose,’ is getting ready to start filming a brand-new role, which she says will show a side of her that fans have yet to see.

“[The movie is] untitled right now, but we go to New Orleans in two weeks,” she shares with E!Online. “I’m really excited. It’s nothing people have seen me do before. It’s strictly acting, no singing or dancing.”

The new role has already earned high praise from Julianne’s longtime boyfriend, Ryan Seacrest, who boasts proudly that Julianne plays a “very serious role” that is a departure from what she has portrayed in the past. Julianne portrays a Christian evangelist in the upcoming film.

“I’ve gotten into a terrible accident, so two-thirds of my body is burned,” she says of the dramatic turn.

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