Keith Urban Defends Reality TV

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Friday All American Morning News with Eric Scott

6/22/2012 (Courtesy Urbanjust wrapped up his

Country Radio's Keith Urban

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first season as a coach on Australia’s version of “The Voice,” a reality competition show that grants the winner a recording contract with Universal Music. It’s a far cry from the way the New Zealand native found his own success — by playing in bars and pubs for little to no money for almost 20 years — but he insists that shouldn’t matter.

“A lot of people are so quick to say that’s a cop-out, you have to work the pubs and clubs to pay your dues. But if we didn’t have to, would we?” he says to Australia’s Herald Sun. “Nobody wants to go and starve for 10 years. Nobody chooses that. That was just my lot. That’s what it took for me. And if some other bugger comes along and does it in a year, you know what? Fantastic. The fact is, there are no longer as many pubs and clubs to play, so that forum as a means of getting ahead doesn’t exist like it did when I was starting out.”

-Eric Scott

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