Eric Church Gets a Platinum Celebration

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Wednesday All American Morning News with Eric Scott

8/1/2012 (Courtesy — Good Morning! Eric Churchcertainly has plenty of reasons to celebrate. The

Country's Eric Church

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34-year-old saw his latest CD, Chief, debut the top of the charts and become his first platinum-selling album. Chief also spawned two No. 1 singles — “Drink in My Hand” and “Springsteen,” which became his first platinum-selling single. The North Carolina native took time out Monday night to toast those who have helped make the past year so remarkable.

“I just want to say that there are moments in your life when you want to pause and go, ‘Is this my life?’ And this is one of ’em,” Eric noted. “It’s been an unreal year, from coming out with ‘Springsteen,’ and ‘Drink in My Hand’ before that. Just the passion that I’ve seen internally, in this town, people that heard the record. A lot of people were already believers, and then some people heard Chief and they were all in. The passion that I’ve seen from everybody is something that is always what we try to look for, whether it’s in a crowd, or a crew member, band member, organization, label — passion. And I can tell you I have, unequivocally, the best team around me. The best management team and best label in town. I have the best band and crew, the best booking agent, the best support staff, songwriters. I’d like to believe, that that’s the case because it’s about the music.”

-Eric Scott

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